Each of us agrees that the world is changing at a very dynamic pace. What was up to date a year ago may become useless and worthless today. Every day we see changes in every area of ​​our life – in the world around us. We can no longer imagine everyday life without a smartphone connected to the Internet (writing the article, we are at the time of introducing 5G technology), without computers that perform almost all activities for a human, without a car … Well, the changes in the automotive market, and thus – innovations in individual and public transport, deserve special attention.

The advantages of owning a car do not need to be explained to anyone, but the side effects associated with are under severe criticism by many scientists, governments, and environmentalists. There are more and more motor engine vehicles powered by fuels, it used to be a standard to have 1 car per family, today we are not able to imagine functioning without a vehicle. We are moving faster and more frequently. In this condition, unfortunately, in 2021, the amount of fuel gases sent to atmosphere caused by the use of vehicles equipped with diesel engines are unimaginably high. According to the latest reports and studies, if we do not reduce exhaust emissions to almost zero by 2050, it will cause irreversible damage to the atmosphere, adversely affecting our planet.

A possible solution to this type of problem are the emerging alternative drives vehicles, which are being noticed more and more. Already today, we can meet increasing number of vehicles equipped with electric motors on the road – from scooters, through passenger cars (for example Tesla) to buses – including those produced by Auto-Cuby, as one of the few in the European Union. We can think – nice idea and what about exploitation? Safety? Range?

Well, we can find many advantages of electric drives, they certainly outweigh the few disadvantages. It is a technology that is 100% environmentally neutral – in the production of the vehicle and during its use.
The charging infrastructure for the electric vehicle is constantly developing, we can already charge our vehicle at most gas stations, in front of supermarkets – for a very low cost in relation to diesel fuels. It is worth noting that just 1 hour of charging is enough to cover 100 km. Okay, what about range? Here, too, technology allows Auto-Cuby buses to travel up to 300 km on a single charge. Through recuperation, we recover electricity while driving, which allows us to significantly increase the range. Already today, most large cities are served by electric buses. What about safety? An interesting fact is that electric buses are managed by the BMS system – which ensures the proper operation of all components. Thanks to this, in most cases, we are able to remotely remove the defect so that the bus is ready for operation again in the shortest possible time.

In summary, we are almost sure that electric vehicles will soon dominate the automotive market. It looks like we will soon return to ecological neutrality, as we sincerely wish. Let us already think today about the good of our planet, for ourselves and for the next generations.