Cuby Sprinter City Line

Discover CUBY Sprinter City Line

What make us special?

  •  Unique Cuby Line design
  • Individual approach to each client’s order
  • Technological solutions that give the owners of Auto-Cuby buses an advantage on the market
  • We were the first on the European market to introduce a 100% electric bus with a range of up to 300km on a single charge
  • Increased luggage space up to 5.5cm3


We use only and exclusively the best quality materials to make buses.
We work with reputable companies and manufacturers with many years of experience
in the automotive market.


We pay special attention to practical solutions combined with modern, unique design. We produce Cuby Sprinter City Line vehicles in various variants such as lowered rear floor, lowered front floor, lowered rear and front floor. At the client’s request, we equip the city bus with the necessary equipment such as validators, directional LED displays, stop buttons, USB chargers, etc.

Cuby Sprinter City Line Innowacje


We use the most modern technological solutions available on the automotive market – we have City Line versions with a lowered floor at the rear and front thanks to an authorized modification of the shaft and gearbox – all with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. We are the first on the market to introduce city buses with 100% electric drive and a range of up to 100 km. We also have hybrid drives, CNG gas, and traditional diesel drives.


All vehicles produced by Auto-Cuby are homologated in accordance with European CoC (Certificate of Conformity) guidelines.
We cooperate with well-known road safety certification bodies such as IDIADA. We use the latest technological solutions
safe travel – additional TELMA retarder retarder, LDWS lane assistant, AEBS and many more.