Pandemic is not stopping us to deliver busses

November, as well as whole 2020, is challenging for all business, especially for those in tourism and transportation. The pandemic is having a negative impact on our travel plans, which is particularly felt by travel agencies as well as by bus manufactures. Despite all, our factory did not stop operating, moreover we delivered over 10 busses on November to our precious customers, including:

What is distinguishing our busses? We understand needs and requirements of our customers, especially during that difficult time. First of all Auto-Cuby discounted prices of many busses available on stock – ready to delivery. Pandemic forced many bus operators to introduce new regulations which allow just half of the seats available for passengers. Cuby Iveco 70C XXL can carry up to 37 passengers with driver and additional seat. This is complete phenomenon on the market, with fuel consumption 12L/100km. In our equipment we offer additional protection for passengers as HEPA air filters as well as glass protection between passenger seats. Constructions of Cuby busses are made from chassis – what is allowing us to carry passenger’s suitcases with them in side luggages, modern system Audio-Video is providing entertainment for passengers, and fully adjustable, comfortable seats are perfect even for long distance journeys.

We strongly believe that global pandemic is in retreat, and during short time we would all enjoy travels even more than before. We are preparing complete innovations for upcoming time – fully electric 100% Cuby Bus with range up to 300 km on single charge – perfect solution for large agglomeration where air pollution is high, risking our health.

Stay healthy, and we wish you all the best!