Inflation and the purchase of a bus conversion – what is the situation on the Polish market?

The year 2022 has not been a positive one. The war in Ukraine, interest rate rises and higher prices in every area of life. Each of us felt it on our own skin, so we will see if 2023 will be a better year for us.

Inflation in the European Union in November 2022 was 10.1 per cent. Prices rose most sharply in Hungary, which overtook Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, according to the latest figures from the EU’s statistics office Eurostat. Poland remains at the infamous top of this list – inflation here is 16.1 per cent.

However, we at Auto-CUBY, as one of the leading companies in the automotive market, don’t  give in so easily to the wave of negative incidents. Auto-CUBY is expanding its factory by another segment, we are increasing the production power in order to speed up the process of orders from our customers. We, as one of the few in the market, have bases for production, and we also have allocations available for 2023.

It should be mentioned that, due to the rapidly changing situation on the Polish and European markets, putting off the purchase of a desired bus/minibus body results in a drastically changing price. The later you decide to order, the higher the base price can be. The fact is that, unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz and Iveco are increasing their prices by up to 25% – where, ultimately, this has the effect of making the bus/minibus conversion more expensive. So, if you are considering buying a minibus/minibus for your company – don’t wait! Contact us and you will find out about the current price offer as well as the current lead times.

We actually have an Iveco C65, a Mercedes-Benz 416 and a Mercedes-Benz 317 with manual transmission in stock – available immediately – check it out!

In summary, 2023 for Auto-CUBY is shaping up to be a real revolution and challenge in the production process – we are speeding up the process, increasing power, the whole team will be striving for even better quality than before.


If you have any questions, go ahead and give us a call! We will do our best to help you!