Tourist Line

City Line 1Custom built bodies in tourist version are available in many colour schemes and layouts. On request, equipment may include: fully adjustable seats (folding and with side movement as well), central air conditioning with distribution along shelves for individual passengers, hand luggage shelves in which panels with air ventilation and lighting points are fitted, folding guide seat, modern interior lighting, front door electrically controlled, deeper rear luggage, additional both side luggage (with a capacity of 1m3), audio-video system, gastronomy point, roof hatch, many others.

Using this type of equipment you can complete the bus, which will be both practical and comfortable.
Additionally you can enrich the entire vehicle using the so-called facelift. This is a full spoiler kit fitted to the vehicle`s body and painted in body color.
In addition, equipment may include the original ceiling panels, for example in wood finishing. Such made interior raises the aesthetic values and make vehicle much more exclusive. Buses in the rich tourist version perfectly suit, so urban and international transport.