Special Line

Mobility vehicles. We also build custom wheelchair friendly buses, equipped with fold away seating and disabled side and rear wheelchair lifts. Extras like passengers toilets, fridges, coffee machines, small wardrobes and much more make Auto-CUBY’s buses really specific and special.

Special arrangements allows transport disabled persons on wheelchairs. The equipment of such vehicle may include: movable ramp for loading the wheelchairs, hydraulic jack for lifting the wheelchairs, electric elevator for moving the wheelchairs inside the vehicle, fixing belts, buttons and safety indicators, quick rail track assembly and disassembly.

Auto-CUBY makes also special arrangements based on the basis of delivery vans, like so called working car body, equipped according to user`s requirements. Such kind of a car body may include: additional space for luggage, additional space for tools, toilet, air conditioning for passenger`s compartment, additional independent heating of passenger`s area, tables, etc. Auto-CUBY offers also a free-form car body according to customer`s design and wishes