Auto-CUBY: Adapted Buses and Minibuses for People with Disabilities

In today’s world, equal access to transport for people with disabilities is becoming increasingly important. Automotive companies, such as our Auto-CUBY, are taking on the challenge of creating innovative and adapted solutions to ensure a comfortable journey for all. Our buses and minibuses not only combine functionality with comfort, but also promote the idea of inclusion by providing travel options for all. Here are some key features of our vehicles:

  • Accessibility and ease of use:
    One of our main priorities is to provide easy access for people with disabilities. Our buses and minibuses are equipped with ramps or platforms that allow easy entry and exit of the vehicle for people in wheelchairs or with mobility difficulties.
  • Spaciousness and comfort:
    We make sure that the interior of our vehicles is spacious and comfortable for all passengers. We adapt the seating layout and interior space to ensure that there is adequate space for people with different types of disability.
  • Safety first:
    The safety of our passengers is our top priority. That is why our buses and minibuses are equipped with advanced safety systems such as seatbelts, monitoring systems or alarms to ensure a smooth journey for everyone.
  • Tailored configuration options:
    We understand that different groups of people with disabilities have different needs and requirements. That’s why we offer customised configuration options that allow us to tailor our vehicles to meet our customers’ individual needs.
  • Sustainability:
    We are committed to caring for the environment. That is why we strive to create vehicles that are not only functional and comfortable, but also environmentally friendly. Our buses and minibuses are designed to use energy efficiently and minimise emissions.

Auto-CUBY aims to provide comfortable and accessible travel for people with disabilities. Our buses and minibuses are not only tailored to individual needs, but also promote the idea of inclusion and equality. We are proud of our innovative solutions and will continue to strive to create vehicles that make travel easy and enjoyable for everyone.







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